Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The price of a beagle mutt left unattended

Hi Mommy, can I have breakfast now?

At 0230 this morning, you would have found me awake, in the kitchen, picking up trash that my dog had decided to scatter.  This morning, I found the remains of his big finds in his bed.  Here's the tally of what I've found so far.  There may be more that I have yet to discover.

  • One tube of Ritz crackers
  • Half the plastic wrap for that tube
  • Two Swiss Rolls
  • Half a box of White Cheddar Cheezits
  • A quarter of the box that contained the Cheezits
  • Contents of 3 used Kcups
  • Contents of two dirty diapers
  • Wrappers for two McDoubles

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Beautiful Morning

The sun is shining on my coffee, and the curls of steam rising from the mug are a beautiful sight. 

The girls are not crying or whining.  Turkey is babbling in her Bumbo, and Ladybug is in her high chair eating. 

I was able to give Ladybug a nutritious, tasty, and colorful breakfast.  And I'm having fresh fruit and yogurt myself.

Pleasant praise music is playing on the TV from the Praise Baby series.  (Awesome DVD's; highly recommend!) 

We're about to walk to the library to get our new library card.

It's a beautiful morning!

(I guess these moments are so rare that I feel the need to record them when they happen!)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Thoughts on Extremes

My opinion is that neither one of those is right.  And in all honesty... I feel sorry for the lady in the gutter.  Literally in the gutter.  Whereas I was just annoyed by the man screaming at cars to repent.

Has anyone ever stopped their car because they heard someone screaming to repent and become a Christian, and then continued in their faith?  I'm sure it's happened a few times.  But frankly, that's simply being a public nuisance.   Jesus cleaned out the temple, but he wasn't in the street screaming at folks.  As a matter of fact, many times He healed people, He told them go and tell no one.  He went away from crowds.  And the crowds came to Him.  John the Baptist was out in the desert and people came to him.  This is my own opinion here, but I think screaming at people tends to turn people away from Christianity, not be attracted to it.  Of course, I'm also a believer that if God has chosen you, you will be saved, so perhaps He has called some people to be saved through that means.  The screaming man has good intentions, I'm sure.  But still...

Now for the lady in the gutter.  I know some people would say she is doing more wrong.  She is violating the law.  Public intoxication is illegal.  I'm guessing she won't have a clean drug screen, and I doubt she has prescriptions for what's positive.  And the Bible is pretty clear that drunkenness to the extent that you can't walk down the street without falling over and passing out or getting a concussion is wrong.   I'm not going to debate the use of alcohol at this time.  But we don't know what's going on her life.  There was an ID for some man in the wallet she had; perhaps he mistreats her.  Perhaps she was abused as a child.  Perhaps she was raised in the church and rejected Christ.  Perhaps she's never stepped foot in a church.  Perhaps she's ripped pages from the Bible and swore at it.  Perhaps she can't read at all.

My point is, we don't know.  But who are people most likely to judge and say "you sinner."  Or drive by and say "Eww."  Or gawk at from across the street.

Perhaps it's the nurse in me, but what really bothered me after we had done all we could for her medically, was her dignity.  Some might say she threw that away when she got drunk, but people need to remember she's still human.  That she might be cold and need a blanket.  That she was getting rained on and should have an umbrella over her.  That people didn't need to be staring at her if they weren't helping her. That she had a name.

Is it strange that I care more about a drunk woman in the gutter than a person attempting to witness?

Sunday, May 5, 2013


We have moved to small town USA.  We are big enough for a McD's, Hardees, Sonic, & a couple pizza places, but Walmart is 15 minutes away.  I have worked in small town hospitals & mid-sized city family practices with far more homeless than you would expect wandering the parking lot. 

But I have seen more extreme life in the last 4 days than I've ever seen before. 

Picture one:  I'm stopped at a pharmacy to pick up a few essentials on the way home from taking Ladybug to the doctor.  The pharmacy is across from a church.  In front of that church is a man pacing back and forth.  Carrying a pink poster-board sign.  And singing "This is the day."  Or to be more descriptive, yelling it.  I raise my eyebrows but hum the tune to the girls as I walk through the store.  Then I come out after paying, and the guy is still pacing.  Only this time, he's screaming, at the top of his lungs, "REPENT!!  THERE'S NOT MUCH TIME!!  REPENT!"  Over.  And over.  And over. 

Picture two: I'm sitting in bed reading under a cozy blanket on a rainy Sunday afternoon while the Mechanic loads the car for his trip back to work.  He bursts in the front door and yells at me to put my shoes on, we've got to go.  I think there's a drug bust going on so while I strap on my Teva's I ask if I need to grab the kids; he says no but grab my stethoscope.  So I hurry out the front door and then run across the street when I see someone in a fetal position, face down, in the road.  She's on the corner and it appears she's fallen and hit her head.  So I bend over, note that she's breathing, ask her if she can hear me while I reach under her for a pulse.  I get a grunt.  I'm relieved she's alive since I feared CPR was going to be required at first.  As I get closer to try to assess her pupils, I ask if she fell, if she's hurt.  And she giggles.  And there's the odor.  And the fact that she's barefoot and it's raining and 50 degrees.  Hm.  I look up and tell the Mechanic, and the other folks who first saw her, that I think she's intoxicated.  Long story short, we got her name from a wallet she had with her, police, firemen, and EMS arrived, got her in a neck brace, put her on a backboard, and took her to the hospital.  And the policeman recognized her as the same lady who'd been drunk and naked in her yard a while back.

So there are the scenarios.  Think about your reaction to these people; my thoughts to come tomorrow.  

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Mom Bed

Since my husband is only in my house 2 nights out of every 14 now, I have the entire bed to myself.  Sort of. 

In cleaning it out this morning, the objects found amused me.  Keep in mind I just changed the sheets Tuesday.  So this was only two night's accumulation. 

  • Truman
  • Kindle
  • Cell Phone
  • Package of wipes
  • Size 2 diaper
  • Tube of Desitin
  • Stuffed yellow duck
  • Little People kangaroo or rabbit (haven't determined which it is yet)
  • Sippy cup
  • Karen's jacket
  • Soothie
This does not include objects under or around the bed, or the bottle on the night stand.

Do single moms have this problem?