Friday, May 22, 2015

What happened to self-discipline?

I am concerned.

There is this terrific sounding app coming out by Proverbs 31 ministries (a great organization, imo).  It's called First 5.  And in the promotional e-mail, they had this to say:

I'm all for getting women to read their Bibles.  I'm a better mom, I think a better wife, and simply more attentive to the Holy Spirit's guidance when I read my Bible regularly.  I have a horrible memory, so I need that daily reminder despite being raised on the Bible stories.

But every choice has a consequence.  And there is one statement in that flyer that really bothers me.  "It will ALLOW you to put God first."  (Emphasis mine.)  Allow?!  I wasn't allowed to do that before?  I'm not allowed to do it without the app?  I did a quick definition search, and I believe this is the intended meaning in this context: "give the necessary time or opportunity for"

There's another thing that "allows" me to put God first.  Self-discipline.  I'm learning that discipline is a bad word for many people, but I expected better from the Christian community.  This group is pro-submitting to your husband, so I wouldn't think that's a no-no word here.

I went years without regular Bible reading.  I just didn't make time for it.  I'd start, last a week or two, if that, and then give up again.  But for the past several months, I've done better.  I've made a point of reading Scripture BEFORE Facebook or e-mail.  It really wasn't that hard.  I simply told myself not to push the Facebook bookmark until after I'd read my chapters.

Now detoxing from Facebook throughout the day has been a lot harder.  But those first few minutes of my day?  I'm filling them with something.  I'm finding that easier than choosing what to do instead of Facebook.  It's simply reading God's word instead of other people's opinions.

If we as women don't have enough self-discipline to put off social media for five minutes, or however long it takes you to read whatever system  you've chosen... it's as if we're conditioning ourselves to have no self-discipline for anything!  There are apps to tell you to workout.  Apps to tell you to drink water.  Apps to tell you to read your Bible.  Do I need an app to tell me to wash the dishes?  An app to tell me to fix dinner?  An app to tell me to mop the floor?  I shouldn't.  If I'm honestly forgetting to do something, setting an alarm isn't a bad thing.  But what it comes down to is self-discipline.

I just don't want my children to rely on apps to run their lives... I want them to know what needs to be done, and have the self-control to prioritize.  And if they really have a hard time resisting social media before Bible... how about just putting their hard copy Bible (do those even exist anymore? :) ) on TOP of their smart phone on the nightstand?

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