Saturday, January 4, 2014


How are you doing on your New Year's resolutions?

I'm doing great!  Haven't missed a single one!

I also haven't made any. =)

Last year, I decided to be very intentional.  I'd read Emily Barnes' books, and I was determined that 2013 would be different.  So I wrote down a variety of very specific goals, and I wrote down specific ways to begin accomplishing those.

And by our first move in March, I'd lost those goals.  Not lost as in not kept them.  Literally lost the notebook and planner where I'd written them. Which is too bad, because I really liked that planner.  It resurfaced for a month or so during the summer, then got lost again in the second move.  I ended up making my own calendar for November and December, and I've ordered my 2014 planner.  Unfortunately, everything I order seems to go through Colorado, and everything that goes through Colorado gets delayed by weather.  Amazon two day shipping means nothing out here; it can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks, if it arrives at all.

But back to resolutions and goals.  It's not that there aren't a lot of things I want to improve, and I have ideas for how to improve them.  But I'm also realistic.  I have a two year old and a one year old.  Both very mobile.  Both very demanding in their own way.  And I'm almost 22 weeks pregnant.  So while I do need to exercise, and get organized, and manage our money better, and be a better wife and mom, and be a more faithful Christian, I'm also a very practical person.  I have my hands full with life as is.  I struggle to get through each day without losing my temper. And last years' detailed goal setting didn't work.

So how do I go about things this year?  What can I do differently?

Until I get my planners in hand, not much.  I've gone over and created a budget of sorts, which I'll then transfer once my planners arrive.  Whenever that is.

But there is one simple thing I can do, need to do, that I think will make a difference in just about every area I want to improve.

Getting up before my children.

Fifteen years ago, that seemed so simple.  I loved getting up before the rest of my family, seeing the sunrise before the bickering started.  I didn't understand why my mom didn't do that.

I have turned into my mother.  I don't want to get up in the morning.  I tend to lie on the couch (my bed until I stop coughing) until I hear the children making noise.  And then I lie there a few minutes longer in hopes they'll go back to sleep.  They never do.  So I get up, and hobble in to get them, stupid gout to thank for that.  Then, I try to make and drink my coffee.  And it's never fun to have to discipline before you even finish your first mug of coffee, even if it is decaf.  And I try to keep them from choking on my cough drops or dumping my water that I've left on the endtable.  And I try to check the weather while they get into stuff.  And I try to fix them breakfast while they're getting into the trash or getting upset over something.  And I forget to set the oldest on the potty because that's a new part of what should be routine, but I'm too sleepy to remember.

Peaceful moments?  Time to sit and study God's word?  Not on your life.  And if we have to be somewhere, oh my.

I remember a mom I greatly admire talking about how early she had to get up in order to be up before her early rising pre-schooler.  That was such a foreign concept to me.  But when I was in her home, I saw the fruits of her early mornings.  The well-worn Bible and study books on the end table.  The menu on the chalkboard.  The peace that was in her home.  I'm convinced that started in those early mornings, before her 3, then 4, then 5 children rose.

Such a simple concept.  Get up.  Yet SO hard to actually do.  We'll see, over the next month, if I can manage to do this.

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