Thursday, January 16, 2014

Consideration in an Online World

Many of you have seen it.  It's all over Facebook.

The picture of the dead baby.

Beautiful baby, yes.  Precious baby, yes.  Wanted baby, yes.  Human, yes.

Dead baby.

Folks, it's a DEAD BABY.

And almost every time I get on Facebook, there he is.

Cupped in someone's hands.


Stop it.

Just stop.


The first time, okay.

The second time, this is getting old.

The third time, okay, I get the point, you're pro-life.


I'm pro-life.  I'm very pro-life.  But folks... this isn't helping.

I've had the chance to converse online with women who are considering abortions at 23 weeks.  Where I'm at right now.  They are feeling their baby kick.  They are watching him/her move inside them.  They've seen the ultrasound pictures.  And it doesn't matter.  They know exactly what that baby looks like.  And it makes no difference to them.

Showing them a picture of a dead baby isn't going to make them change their minds about killing their babies.

Because these pictures are everywhere.  They're plastered on semi-trucks.  They're on billboards.  They're in OB offices.  We know what unborn babies look like.  You'd have to live under a rock to not know at this point.

If someone on your Facebook list has a chance of being impacted by this, they have a better chance of being impacted by a note from you.  By you going up to them in the store if you see them and saying, hey, we should get together, are you free this weekend?  And then talk about life.  And let them know you care.  And if there's something going on, maybe they'll open up.

In the meantime, there are women who've already aborted who are being hurt by this.  There are women who have lost babies to miscarriage being hurt by this.  There are women who are pregnant who are being emotionally disturbed by this.

Please, click the button that says "post link without a thumbnail."  One click.  The story gets shared.  The heartache doesn't.  If you want people to know about the beautiful picture, say something about it.  But don't force it on every "friend" viewing their wall at that moment.

Thanks, from a hormonal pregnant woman who is thankful her baby boy is practicing his soccer skills at the moment.

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