Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's Only a Year

Ladybug, 1/13

Ladybug, 12/13

How do you measure a year?  How do I measure this year, especially?

Turkey, 1/13

Turkey, 12/13

3,650+ diapers changed.

Turkey, smiling during diaper time

1,461+ sippy cups filled.

Ladybug, waiting for the plane and armed with sippies

2 times at a hospital bedside waiting on a child to wake up from anesthesia.

Ladybug, sedated in Billings

3 kitchens packed and unpacked.

Etowah kitchen, #2 of 4 kitchens in 2013

3 church homes.

Bridwell Heights Presbyterian, Kingsport
Fairview Baptist, Athens

Glasgow Evangelical

2 girls' first steps.


2 SUVs purchased, 2 cars buried.

The Flying Dodgeman, RIP 04/14/13
"Don't laugh, it's paid for" Camry, RIP 03/17/13

Patty the Pilot

Nikki the 4Runner
 2 dogs surrendered.

Fritz & Kraut during move from Church Hill to Etowah

8 pediatric specialists.

Waiting on a skull doc
 730 good nights & I love yous.


Countless books read.

Sometimes the day goes on forever.  It feels like there is no end to the diapers, the sippy cups, the toys in the floor, the runny noses and tangled hair.  The dishes are always piled up, the laundry is always a mountain, and the floor always needs vacuuming.  The list of "should do's" always feels longer than the "doing good on's."

But this time last year, neither girl could say a word.  This year, they can both say what they want.  Neither could walk.  This year, not only are they walking but climbing.  This time last year, I was bashing my head trying to get both girls in the back seat of a '96 Camry.  This year, I climb up into a Pilot to load them in car seats.

You never know what a year will hold.  If you'd told me this time last year that I'd be sitting here now, temps barely above 0, with who knows how many inches of snow on the ground (I've not gone outside to measure!), I'd have said you were nuts!  Time moves on, whether we want it to or not.  Enjoy the things that are good, knowing they'll pass... and endure the things that aren't so good, knowing those will pass too.  God knows what the next year holds, and He will give us the grace to get through it!

Happy New Year!

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