Friday, October 11, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

Back on the kindle... computer died, again. Good grief.


Some days, I long for ordinary. No moving. No packing and unpacking. No doctor visits besides well child checks. No therapy. No specialists. Just waking up, drinking coffee, doing laundry, fixing dinner, reading a book, and going to bed. Day in, day out, no surprises.

And there are days I try to deceive myself into believing that's my life. And I procrastinate the packing. Or I try to convince myself that I'm ordinary and everyone else is weird. That struggles and problems are normal.

And truthfully, they are. Because of sin, problems are ordinary. Yet, I sometimes resist that thought. My problems are special. Even in little things, like being on time, I let myself think that I shouldn't be expected to arrive on time, after all, look how young and close in age my kids are.

Nothing new under the sun... others have walked this path. I'm not alone. And while my problems, my doubts and fears, my struggles, are just ordinary, there's an extraordinary grace and love that can carry me through.


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  1. I love your perspective on ordinary. Life is so messy isn't it?

  2. Hey, just heading over from FMF! Loved your thoughts on our ordinary lives and God's extraordinary grace in all of this. I know this longing for ordinary sometimes, my life is full of packing, too... Hope you got a great new week experiencing lots of HIS grace and love!