Monday, August 19, 2013

Trials of almost two

So much I want to write about, so many pictures I want to post, and I'm still restricted to a Kindle.  But, we had internet installed today, much sooner than I'd thought, and we might be making the treck to Billings this weekend to get our stuff, which finally made it the 30 hours.  All in time...

I wanted to record a little of what this move has been like for Ladybug.  She'll be two in about six weeks, and that's a hard time in the best of circumstances.  She's at that age of developing independence, yet still needing so much help.  She's at that age where she knows those blocks stack a certain way, that puzzle piece goes there, but she's just not coordinated enough to get them how they're supposed to go.  She's at the age where she knows what she wants, but can't quite express what exactly she needs us to do. And it's very frustrating to her. And to me as her mommy too.  Many times a day we have conversations that sound like this: "elpa elpa!" "Help with what?" *puzzled look* "elpa elpa, peese?" "What do you need help with?" *stomp feet, scream*

I try to remember that this is normal (right?), and that the screaming and tears are going to be worse than before because everything is different. To add to the madness, I'm also limiting the Wubbanubs to nap and bedtime only, for both girls. Turkey doesn't care, but this is difficult for Ladybug.  I know, though, that we'll be moving homes at least twice more in the next few years, so I can't justify waiting any longer.

We took Ladybug into church with us Sunday, and that's the most subdued I've ever seen her not sick. She just laid her head on her daddy's chest and held her Wubbanub.  It is very different from what she's used to, so I guess she was just coping... makes me wonder what's going through her head.  Really hoping that this is the last time we make such a move and that this truly becomes home.

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  1. I have a son turning 2 in 3 weeks, and he's still not talking very much at all! Yes, lots of screaming and stomping. I can't wait for WORDS!