Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Still on my kindle.  I keep waiting till we get our computer set up, so I can use a real keyboard. But it's somewhere between Chattanooga TN and Billings MT.  And even if it were here, it's not like there's room to put it in this motel room.

See, that's where we live right now. A shabby, decor straight from the 70s, brown shag carpet, hard mattress and pancake pillows motel room.  With a dorm fridge and a microwave.

When I tell a local where we're staying, I get a look.  And some say something along the lines of "at least it's not the __, there are drugs there." And I quickly explain that this place has new owners, it's clean, sort of, and the weekly rate here is less than two nights at the nice place in town.

We went two weeks between jobs. Drove over 4000 miles between the two vehicles. Left behind the majority of our furniture and stuff.  McDonalds has become a second home and is now the definition of real food. This is us. We're not rich. Not in material things.

But this is what we chose. We wanted to drive into town together. To have our first visit to church as a family.  And the housing market out here is such that we have two pack and plays, a high chair, a booster seat, and a child's rocking chair in a run down motel room and call it home.

The good news is, this shabby little room makes that basement apartment look like a gorgeous mansion. Hoping to get a lease for that new home today.

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  1. I remember a basement apartment in winter with a fuel oil stove,one small window and a fifty gallon drum on it's side with a line that leaked and smelled. Toilet didn't work well, and upstairs the drunks stomped the floor in their apartment. Took us five months to get a house.
    Also remember sleeping on a wooden pallet in a boxcar and in a hole in the sand in Taiwan. Wind came up at night and completely covered me. Fell asleep looking at a cat hung by the neck facing mainland china. It was hung in effigy for Chairman Mao. Remember walking over a bridge where the water smelled so bad I had to hold my breath to retain lunch,And kids were down there swimming begging for us to throw coins in the water for them to dive and recover.. Been in towns where
    sewers ran right beside the sidewalks open to view and rats outnumbered people. Could watch the giant cockroaches eating the smaller ones on the outside of your mosquito net. Slept outside in the rain in a poncho
    In a country where it was raining when we arrived and had
    not stopped ten days later when we left. Seen local people die from injury and illness we would fix at a clinic here with ease. Saw People living on less food for a week than I consumed in a day . We are both fortunate and spoiled here in the Good old USA. We could have been born into far worse circumstances that we will ever encounter in our country. Who knows what's next? But it is bound to be interesting!!!!! Have a productive day.