Saturday, August 10, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Lonely

FMF on my kindle, so I'm not being as strict on the five minutes as usual.


I drove across the open prairies, in Patty the Pilot with my children in the backseat and every inch of space full. The sky was huge, bigger than anything I'd ever seen.  It was flat, flatter than anything I'd ever seen.  The sun seemed far away.  And it was beautiful.  This was the spacious skies and amber waves of grain the song spoke of.  And yet, I had tears running down my face. Not tears in awe of beauty.  But tears of loneliness.  Tears because it was so different.  My eyes and brain created illusions of mountains where there were none, forming them out of clouds and shadows. Behind me were family, friends, my dogs.  Before me... flat.  Different.  Foreign.  Lonely.

I was thankful the Mechanic was behind me, otherwise it might have been tempting to do a u-turn and head back to the Upper Peninsula, where there were at least familiar looking woods. 

Then Rich Mullins sang "I am home anywhere, if You are where I am."  Are we ever truly alone?  There's always Someone who knows my story.  Always Someone who understands me.  God is just as much present in the middle of nowhere Montana as He was in East Tennessee.


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  1. Elizabeth, so glad I found your blog through Lisa-Jo's FMF. I loved reading your post and I, too, find comfort in knowing that God understands me. If you're interested in a new link-up, check out Lyrical Tuesdays at The Kiki Room. I hope it will become a place where women can share how the words of hymns or Christian songs have edified them. Hope you have a blessed week.