Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Timing, Tears, and Jump-a-roo Seats

I hung up the phone for what seemed like the 20th time today.  Call after call, received and placed, from moving companies, developmental assistance in our new state, landlords, realtors.  And after coming up short yet again, being told that housing was going to be very difficult to find (no kidding!), I finally broke down.  I'd snapped at my children and had to apologize to them for not being patient.  I'd spilled my entire mug of coffee this morning, which means I probably need to repack those boxes of books.  I'm facing being 18 hours away from my husband in a cabin in the woods in a state I've never been in before.  I'm facing paying absurd rent to live in former military housing 17 miles away from the nearest gas station or grocery store, where snow can blow in and drift meaning my husband may have to spend on call nights in town. 

I don't cry often, but I'd had it.  I was frustrated, tired, overwhelmed, and very discouraged.  

And then Pandora played this song.  I'd never heard it before.   

And while I was listening, and crying, and continuing to sort through boxes, I opened a box to find the seat for the Jumparoo I've been looking for since we moved here.  And the potty chair, not that we need it but I'd been wondering where it was.  And Ladybug's puzzles.  And all her shoes.  (She's wearing hand-me-down's from her cousin, which is fine but I had really been needing to find her something besides sandals.)

And I had to say, thank you Jesus.  It seems silly.  To be crying over Jumparoo seats and puzzles and shoes.  But just to finally locate those things, right at that moment when I was so overwhelmed... It was a welcome reminder that He really does work in the little details.  And He knows full well we need a place to live.  And He already has a place in store for us.  He just hasn't allowed us to find it yet.  If I can just trust and rest in Him, while continuing to work, it'll be okay.

In the meantime, this song is now on repeat.

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