Friday, July 12, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Present


Sitting in the floor while my oldest builds a block tower and my youngest attempts to eat the blocks, I find myself, cell phone in hand, texting.

Granted, I'm texting my husband.

But my baby girls have no idea who I'm texting.  All they know, is that mommy is holding a cell phone and not giving her undivided attention to them.

Before I had children, I always looked with an accusing eye on those women in the grocery stores, baby in the seat and cell phone on the ear.  I thought, talk to your child!  Interact with them!  Who on the other end is that important that your child is worth neglecting?

Then, my husband and I found ourselves under separate roofs.  And I've found myself torn.

Will my children remember me being really, truly, present?  Will they remember me talking and interacting with them?  Or will they remember me with a cell phone in hand?

I want to be present in the here and now.  I want them to know they have my full attention, that I am facinated by them and their abilities, that I love hearing them talk and watching them play and interact.  But if I'm always on the phone, even with my own husband, they may know me as a distracted mother.

It's hard, being present.  It's hard to know what to focus your attentions on.


That was a hard one to stop at five minutes.  But, that's all part of the fun, seeing the minute roll over and thinking, crud, I had more to say on this!  If you're up for the challenge and ready to receive tons of encouragement, ideas that make you stop and think, and in general be amazed by women and their perspective on life, stop by LisaJoBaker's blog and join the Five Minute Friday crowd!


  1. It is so hard to always be "present" with your children! That doesn't really change as they get older. For me, the curse is this very computer. My son is always saying to me, "Mom, every time I ask you to do something with me you say yeah, just a minute and then you go back to the computer." :( Makes me sad to think about it, but it's true! Definitely takes intentionality to be truly present. God bless! ~sharon