Monday, June 10, 2013

Of What Are We Capable?

I've read a few articles on the Sovereign Grace fiasco recently.  It seems like ever since the Catholic sex scandals came out, there have been accusations flying left and right, and no denomination is safe.

One thing I've noticed, both in articles and in my own personal experience, is this: those who stand up for the accused say one thing, consistently.  He/she's a Christian, there's no way he/she would do a thing like this.  He/she has integrity.

If we like the person, if we admire their work, if we think they are good Christians, we have a blind spot.  We think, they're a Christian, they couldn't do such a thing.  Especially about one particular type of sin.  Sexual sin.  And particularly sexual sin that does not fall under the category of adultury.

So often, we can accept that a "Christian" cheats on his wife.  But when it comes to any other sexual sin, and I do mean any, no matter how "small" a matter, a "Christian" is incapable of it.

Have you seen it?  Adultery and porn are acceptable sins for Christians.  But throw a child in there, and suddenly, there's no way he/she has done it, cause they're a "Christian."  What about sexual molestation of a coworker?  "They must be making it up, because there's no way that could happen.  He/she's a Christian."

Have you heard this?  Or have you closed your eyes and ears and agreed, "I must have misunderstood, or they must have interpreted it wrong or made it up."

Sermon today was from Ps. 52.  Go read it.  Bloodguilt.  Guilty of murder.  The man "after God's own heart,"  the man chosen by the prophet because God told him to choose David, was guilty of murder.

I have news for many people.  There is nothing, NOTHING, that a "Christian" is not capable of doing.  We are tempted to do the exact same thing Joe Smith down the street is tempted to do.  And just because you trust Christ does not mean you never do anything wrong again.  It doesn't even mean you never do anything big that's wrong again.  It doesn't mean you're not a Christian.  It means you have not reached the full glory that only comes at death and the resurrection.

Christians sin.  Yes, that means Christians sexually abuse children.  Did the particular scenarios that have been brought to court happen?  I have no idea.  But I urge you, don't be quick to judge.  Don't just assume that because they write/sing/teach awesome, true doctrine, they are incapable of horrific sin.

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  1. Oh. So, so true Stephanie. Thanks so much for posting this. The stuff going on around the SGC scandal is reprehensible, not to mention the accused crimes themselves.