Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Give them Jesus

While working with Ladybug on stacking blocks, I had my Indelible Grace station playing on Pandora.  Fernando Ortega's version of "Give Me Jesus" started playing and while it may seem a leap, my thought process made sense in my own head.  I never hear this song anymore without thinking of a sweet baby girl whom I never had the opportunity to meet, who blessed my children by giving their mama an eternal perspective. 

Give my child Jesus.  You can have all this world.  You can have all the developmental milestones.  You can have the 4.0 GPAs.  You can have the honor roll.  You can have the high school letter jackets.  But give my child Jesus.  Give my Ladybug Jesus.  Give my little Turkey Jesus.

In her morning, give her Jesus.  As she toddles, splashes, and babbles, give her Jesus.  As I kiss her goodnight and tell her that Jesus loves her most of all, give her His love.  

When she's alone, give her Jesus.  When she goes through those years of feeling like no one understands her, give her Jesus.  When she doesn't understand herself, give her Jesus.  

When she comes to die, give her Jesus.  

As I gazed at my little Turkey as she fell asleep on the couch, the same thoughts came to mind.  She hates being alone.  She wants to feel me.  When I put her in the crib, she held my hand with both of hers.  

When she's alone, give her Jesus.  When it's dark and she can't feel anyone near her, give her Jesus. 

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