Friday, June 21, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Rhythm

There is nothing sweeter than the rhythm of a sleeping baby's breathing.  I remember sitting in the hospital bed with both of my girls, just watching their little tummies rise and fall as they rested after the rude entry into the world they both experienced. 

Now, I long for rhythm.  I long for routine.  For the rhythm of seeing my husband out the door, structured playing and reading and napping and eating, welcoming husband home, bedtime rituals, and then watching the rhythmic breathing of a toddler as I put a sleeping baby down in their shared room.

There's not much rhythm in my life these days.  Today, my life is filled with chaos.  There is no schedule.  There is no routine.  Every day is helter-skelter, tripping over toys, running to the doctor, trying to find a clean sippie cup and come up with something for the kids to eat. 

I hate chaos. This is not the white picket fence life I dreamed of.

But, this is my life.  And I need to enjoy the rhythm in it. 

The little moments.  My baby is still young enough to fall asleep in my arms so I can watch her breathe.  The rhythm of my toddler pulling books off the shelf, pausing every 4th one to turn the pages.  The rhythm of the baby bouncing to music.  The rhythm of chaos.

(This was written as part of the Five Minute Friday community found at Lisa Jo Baker's Blog.  There are some great posts on this blog, many that have had me laughing and crying at the same time.  The idea is she gives a word, and then you take 5 minutes, only, to write whatever comes into your head.  No re-reading, no mulling over just the right way to phrase it, just letting creativity and honesty flow for 5 minutes.  And as I just discovered, 5 minutes is not long to write.  Any blogging women who reads this should check her site out; it has been a tremendous blessing to me!)


  1. Stephanie - I am stopping over from Lisa-Jo's and this is beautiful - the rhythm of life - it can be so different at times can't it. Sometimes I struggle with how erratic it is too and long for the days when there something more soothing. Blessings to you today friend.

  2. Hi Stephanie! I am coming over from FMF. (Love your picture in the window, btw!)

    I also picked the rhythm of a sleeping baby. So much stillness and life all at the same time. Not much a chaos girl either, but I guess God wants us to get better at it!

    Have a wonderful, peaceful weekend!

  3. Hey Stephanie! I LOVE this post! My life is as chaotic as you mentioned. With summer being here it's worse. No structure, no plans, nothing. As chaotic as it is there is also beauty in it. I think that's what your saying. I have just recently learned ti embrace that beauty and I love it! Thank you for sharing. Have a blessed weekend!

    Amber- visiting from FMF