Friday, June 28, 2013

Five Minute Friday - In Between

In between.

My world sometimes seems consumed by the in between.  In between jobs.  In between houses.  In between churches.

In between unpacking and packing, which means living out of boxes.  In between point A and point B, except you really don't know where point B is.

That makes living in the in between seem like it lasts forever.

I hate in between.  I hate not knowing where I'll be living in 3 months.  It drives me crazy.  It irks me.  It grinds on me like sandpaper.

But, are we ever not "in between" something?  In between yesterday and tomorrow, is today.  And that's where we all are.  Just in today.  None of us is guaranteed exactly where we'll be in 3 months.  None of us is guaranteed the same job.  The same circumstances.  The same house and possessions.  We're honestly not even guaranteed the same people.

What we do have, is the in between.  The right now.  This moment.

So what do I do with my in between moments?  Do I spend them worrying about what next week, next month holds?  Do I spend them regretting what was done and said yesterday?  Or do I enjoy each moment as it is given to me?

The in-between is all any of us really has.  Sometimes, we need to be surrounded by moving boxes for 4 straight months to realize how much life really happens in the "in between."  


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  1. I know what you mean and how it feels. It teaches us to really live in and appreciate the present. Love the post. (Stopping over from FMF)


  2. I also know what you mean. Sometimes we are so anxious to make the in between pass, we forget to enjoy the moment.

  3. You're so right! Well said!

  4. Sooo good. What a well written creative way to encourage us all to enjoy the moment, even when the in-between is uncomfortable. I loved reading this post!!

  5. Striving to enjoy each day to the fullest. Beautiful words shared here.