Monday, June 10, 2013

Busy Day!

 Score one for mommy.  Many moms are familiar with Sophie the Giraffe.  The crazy over-priced but supposedly awesome teether.  I have rarely seen it less than $20.  I took a couple hours alone this weekend to do some shopping, and found this little gem for, brand new, $2.  Yes, $2.  No zeros.  Sundry Store is awesome!! 
 Look what we did today!  Ladybug can stack blocks!  We have been working on this skill off and on for several months, ever since the "charts" said she should be able to stack.  After finding some mismatched bowls stacked in the middle of the kitchen, I decided it was time to pull the blocks out again.  Sure enough, a couple demonstrations and she took off!
 Going for three!
 And she did it!  Three blocks!  Until you are a mom, especially of a child who has to work a little harder than some, you have no idea how incredible this is.

I don't know what it is about me and this house and dogs, but they seem to be attracted to me.  This little fellow dashed through my yard and about got run over on one of the many trips he made across the street.  So the neighbors and I chatted for the first time, about what to do with the little fellow, and I ended up taking him inside.  Then I plopped him in the basket of my double stroller and the kids and I walked in ever widening circles till he jumped out and acted like he knew where he was going.  When I heard a bunch of yappy dogs going nuts, I'm guessing he found his brothers and sisters.


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