Wednesday, April 17, 2013


When a medication label says not to stop taking the medication suddenly, there's a reason for it. 

Lesson learned.  When moving, make sure you have extra medications stashed in several areas of the car, just in case your husband grabs the wrong bag of medicine. 

Heart palpitations are not pleasant.  Nor is the pounding head with strange sounds, sounds that aren't actually really happening outside my head.  The insomnia isn't great either.  The increased anxiety and tearfulness is also poorly timed. 

But, this has given me incentive to write a few posts about a subject near to my heart.  But, I'll do us all a favor and wait until I am back on my medication before writing that. 

I'm keep telling myself a verse from a hymn that I can't find online, but I know it's in the Trinity Hymnal.  Something about "a joyful mother makes."  Going through medication withdrawal doesn't give me an excuse to not be a joyful mother, it just makes it a bit more challenging.   Whew... but anytime these heart palpitations want to stop is fine with me!  I may end up driving through the night just to knock 12 hours off this misery; not like I can sleep anyway!

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