Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Calamity "Ladybug"

My oldest daughter has earned a new nickname in the last few weeks, Toddling Tornado.  Today, she earned the name of Calamity "Ladybug."  It sounds much better with her real name, but I'm just going to make it habit on here to not call my children by their real names.  In my little family's blogging world, DaDa is "the Mechanic," I am "the Beloved," daughter #1 is "Ladybug," daughter #2 is "Turkey," beagle #1 is "Tub 'O Lard," & beagle #2 is "Defective Dog." 

I'm typing on my mother-in-law's laptop, without the "z" key.  It is also missing the "windows" key.  This is what happens when your toddler throws a board book at the computer.  Giving her the benefit of the doubt, I think she was actually throwing it at me.  But since I was trying to figure out how to change our address, I didn't catch it in time.  
I didn't intend to do a post like this right away, and I especially didn't intend to do one today.  But, these 10 minutes were so absurd that I simply had to capture it on camera.  And once I realized just how many pictures I was taking, because my child was giving me so many opportunities, I simply had to do my own "reasons my daughter is screaming" post.  We are officially in full blown toddlerhood.  Complete with the kicking feet, random tantrums for no apparent reason, or at least no reasonable reason, looking at me and saying "nanana" and shaking her head no and then doing it anyway, getting intensely frustrated very easily, and in general wrecking havoc faster than Mommy can keep up.  Being in the middle of a move, with her daddy away, is not helping.  And as a disclaimer, I am fully aware that my house is not childproof in these pictures.  It is impossible to be childproof while moving.

All of these pictures were taken between 1903 and 1914 (7:03pm-7:14pm), while I was preparing Ladybug's dinner of frozen pasta and vegetables.  
This is Ladybug after giving her sister a plastic bag.  Ladybug got the plastic bag by pulling the lid off the clothes tote we are living out of & dumping the dirty clothes out of the bag. 
This is Ladybug after she bumps her head trying to squeeze past the air mattress, after giving her sister a plastic bag.

This is Ladybug getting mad because she's tripping over the trash bag that houses the sheets we're using.  We've talked many times in the last 48 hours about the hazards of walking on this bag. It doesn't seem to be sinking in. 

This is Ladybug screaming because I told her to stop walking on the trash bag.

This is Ladybug about to get mad because she can't get the door open by leaning on it.  Even though it has never, and will never, open towards the outside.  But in a toddler's world, if you push hard enough it will eventually open.

This is Ladybug getting angry at getting sticky because she's walking on the refrigerator shelves that have orange juice spilled on them.  Mommy was cleaning them and told Ladybug not to walk on them.

This is Ladybug getting mad because she is sticky, because she walked on the fridge shelves Mommy told her not to, and now she is sticking to the plastic bag that has a book she wants in it.

This is Ladybug even madder because the book is stuck in the handles of the bag.

This is Ladybug looking at her book.  Does that face look familiar?  It sure does to me!

This is Ladybug pulling down a plate off the window sill, that I told her to leave alone.

This is Ladybug trying to put something she pulled off the window sill, back onto the window sill.

This is Ladybug trying to eat over-microwaved pizza crusts that she pulled off the windowsill.  This resulted in tears.

This is Ladybug screaming because the Oreo's are in the the booster seat, and she is not. Even though she put them there.

This is Ladybug continuing to be mad about the Oreo's and the booster seat, even though she took them out of the booster seat.

This is Ladybug getting mad because Mommy won't give her an Oreo before supper.

This is Ladybug getting even madder because Mommy won't give her an Oreo before supper.

This is Ladybug even madder about the Oreo's, and being sticky, and the fact that there's a box behind her.

This is Ladybug being mad.  About something.  I don't even know what.


  1. I think in the last one, she's mad about you taking pictures of her being mad.

    She knows this will all come back to bite her later.

  2. Nah, she's growing up in the generation where everything is documented and shared with the world online. At least I don't post pictures of her naked.