Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's almost the end of December, Christmas is over, and I haven't been depressed.  I think I may have finally moved past all the crap that has happened in December.

I've been too busy to be depressed.  I've been too busy to think about all those things that always got me depressed around the holidays.  Eight and six years after the fact I guess it's about time!

I didn't get all the decorations put up.  I didn't get half of them out.  My house is disaster.  My family is a mess.  But I'm not depressed.  It's rainy and dreary, but I'm not depressed.

Overwhelmed, yes.  Irritable, yes.  Frustrated, yes.  But not depressed.  And it's wonderful.  Truly wonderful.

And this was going to be more thoughtful but I'm being paged by a screaming 3 month old.  =)