Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I sometimes wonder about people...

I go to a high risk OB once a month for management of my diabetes. It's in the nearest big city, about 45 minutes away, and because of the limited appointments for high risk patients it's always while the Mechanic is at work. So, I take Ladybug with me.

Since I had my little bed-rest incident, I've had several offers from people to keep Ladybug during my appointments. But, because she had her shots yesterday I knew she'd be extra cranky so I decided not to inflict her upon anyone today. It worked out fine since she had an eye doctor appointment shortly before my OB appointment anyway.

But the comments I receive do make me wonder about people. What kind of women come into these offices pregnant? They are astonished every time I go in there at my ability to balance everything, and the fact that I have my sugar log with me. Every other appointment I've gone in with a purse, diaper bag, baby, and drink. And I carried everything myself. They're floored by this. After being put on restriction, I ditched the purse and just put my wallet in the diaper bag, and I brought the umbrella stroller for Ladybug and balanced the diaper bag on the back, and they're still impressed. They were amazed (and actually used that word) when I managed to let them find baby #2's heartbeat while I was feeding Ladybug her bottle. Seriously? I had a pelvic exam done while holding her barely 3 weeks ago.

You're going in because of your diabetes... would it not make sense that you'd bring your log with you? And if you have a child and get pregnant with another one... unless there are medical reasons you can't care for your child, I don't see any reason why one woman cannot handle one small baby in a medical office. It's not like she's old enough to climb or run around. But from the reactions of the staff... I'm under the impression that they don't see this often. And when I look around the office... most people bring someone else with them. If not multiple someone's.

Now I sure don't blame the people who might get bad news. I brought my hubby to the appointment with the surgeon (plus the fact that it's a 4 hour drive one way). And I don't blame the people with multiples, or who have two or more children. An extra hand is nice. But a non-mobile baby? That's not impressive folks. That's called being a mother.

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