Thursday, February 16, 2012

Life these days

So, I didn't realize when you save a post and then publish it later, it not only keeps the original date stamp, but it also puts it in chronological order of being written. Jan. 17th's post was actually posted yesterday. :^/

I'm on my 4th week at home. Things have not gone exactly how I'd planned... I anticipated having my house clean, working on organizing Ladybug's room and the basement, keeping detailed track of our money, cooking a hot meal at least every other day and making sure the Mechanic ate breakfast before he left for work. Not so much. Things are not deteriorating, but they aren't getting cleaner or more organized.

It's not hard for me to figure out why. I'd rather sit and play with Ladybug than clean. I ran around like crazy the first week, then spent the next two weeks sick, and now the morning sickness has started. There is no desire to cook when you constantly feel like puking. It's 1420 and I've had two Saltines. That's it for oral intake. The fatigue also is contributing; I either sleep past 1000 or I take a nap.

Of course, I'd much rather be home dealing with morning sickness than at work. And I'd rather be able to take a nap than work 8-5 and come home with a crying baby. I've had some people suggest B6 to help morning sickness, and I'm also wondering if I prolong the nausea by not eating. My OB told me after birth that if I'd eat regular food instead of just liquids I'd probably feel less sick... So I'll try some things to see if I can push through the morning sickness. Then maybe I can actually start on my house... maybe. If I can tear myself away from staring at this adorable face.

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  1. Stephanie, I'm so excited for your news! :) So sorry about the morning sickness though... :-p Have you ever tried wearing Sea-bands? I've had a couple friends who wore them when they were pregnant and said they did help. You can usually find them at walgreens. Anyways, just a thought! Enjoy that sweet baby of yours! Housework can wait... ;)