Monday, February 20, 2012

Diagnostic tests take #2

Had Ladybug's lab work done today for her genetic test... it was slightly traumatic. I've been through two sets of shots with her, and this was worse. Granted, the tourniquet was more upsetting to her than the actual needle. With shots, it takes about 10 seconds... even for 3 needles. It's over by the time she screams, and so I can immediately pick her up and calm her down. With phlebotomy, she screams because of the tourniquet, but of course that's only the beginning. They had to stick her twice because her veins are so tiny and buried so deep in her fat arms. Even after I was finally able to pick her up, she was so upset that she wouldn't stop crying, not even with a paci. Seemed like an eternity before she eventually stopped screaming; the entire outpatient area knew a baby was not happy!

The Mechanic said he was proud that I didn't scream for them to stop. I think he's finding that I'm a much calmer mom than he thought I'd be. My reply was that I was a nurse before I was a mom... not that I don't care (I had tears in my eyes while it was going on), but when I believe the people working on my child are competent, and I believe what they're doing is for her best, then I'm not going to interfere. Now, you let one of those ER nurses near my child and let them try to stick her twice with the same needle and you're going to see a mama bear.

So now we wait. Results should be back in 3-4 weeks. This test has a 90% sensitivity... that means that if it's positive she's probably got it, especially with the clinical correlation. If it's negative... well, we continue to watch her because she might still have it. But, it's a chance at an answer.

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