Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baby Visit #1

It's sort of fun keeping up with the absurd number of doctor visits I have during pregnancy. Here's the first summary for baby #2!

As usual, I went in, peed in a cup, then got on those atrocious scales. 124.5 starting weight for this baby. Blood pressure awesome, 118/78. We had our first ultrasound, and I admit I was a bit worried at first. It was a different tech helping them out for the day, H, and at first I couldn't see much of anything. I finally saw a little black area, and when we zoomed in on that a little blob appeared. She measured it at 6w4d, which isn't that far off from the date based on my last period. We zoomed in a little more and there it was, a little quivering heart. Pretty cool to see, since you can't even distinguish a head yet. 118/minute, which at this point is fine.

Then it was off to the lab for a ton of blood work. Eventually we got to see Dr. A; her repeated comment was "you're going to be busy." I appreciated that; at least she didn't call me crazy! We talked a lot about my sugars; it's going to be a LONG 9 months. Dr. A is pretty much convinced that I'm diabetic even without pregnancy, despite me passing the 2hr GTT 6 weeks postpartum. I have to start checking my sugar 4x/day every 3rd day, and I'm supposed to e-mail her my numbers once I get 3-4 days worth. If they're not perfect, fasting less than 90 and 2hr postprandial <120, I have to go back in 2 weeks. If they are perfect, I can wait a month. I'm supposed to start eating the gestational diabetic diet now, and it's really important to keep my sugars down as right now is when all the major organ systems are forming and problems could occur. They're making an appointment with the high risk OB in Johnson City for ~20 weeks; I can't go to the one they prefer because he's associated with Wellmont and my insurance won't pay for it. Stupid CrestPoint.

So, I got up this morning and checked my fasting sugar... 90. Shoot. It's going to be a looooonnnnnggggg 9 months. If we can't keep them under control, it's a strong possibility I'll be put on insulin. It's also really important I keep my weight under control; no more than 25 pound weight gain. Because these two babies are so close together, my uterus really hasn't had time to recover, and because of the C-section we're risking uterine rupture. This is why I'm SO thankful there's only one baby in there; if I had twins I'm not sure I could carry them anywhere near full term. I was okay with having the first two close together, but if there's a third we're going to have to put some distance between them. Dr. A doesn't want us to have a 3rd at all because of the C-sections.

So, I ate my one egg and one oatmeal pancake with sugar free syrup, and drank my skim milk this morning. We'll see how that two hour sugar is here in just a few minutes. Oh boy! =)

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