Friday, January 27, 2012

Answers... not really

Our baby girl is now 13 pounds 4 ounces... no wonder Mommy's arm feels like it's about to fall off when she totes around that car seat! I suppose that might also be the reason she's popping out of her 0-3 month clothes, which are supposed to be <12lbs. I'm just not willing to admit that she's too big for them!

Our x-rays and ultrasounds were normal. Like any good nurse, I snuck a peek at the reports that were stuck in the door before the doctor came in. When the doctor looked at Ladybug's head, though, she was still a little concerned, especially after hearing our family history. She called and actually spoke to the radiologist who looked at the x-rays and ultrasound and was told that at this point, there is no evidence of craniostenosis. The fluid that the ultrasound showed is completely normal in an infant of this age. However, as she did her physical she discovered that we're missing a couple milestones she should have reached by now. For this reason we're going to see if insurance will pay for the genetic testing. This is a better option than the next radiology step, which is a CT; that would involve hospital admission and anesthesia, and if the sutures aren't currently closed it won't tell us anything at this point anyway. My theory is that her brain may be growing faster than her skull can accommodate.

In the meantime, we're going to watch her closely for signs of increased pain and more skull changes. We're also going to work with her to try to achieve those missing milestones. As of now, she will not push up on her arms at all, not even on her elbows. She also won't reach for or bat at anything, nor will she hold onto toys and bring them to her mouth. She can bring her hands to midline and put them in her mouth, so that's at least something to start with. She also gave the doctor no resistance when she pushed and pulled on her arms. However, I know she's capable of resisting when she chooses; just watch me try to get her arm in her sleeve when she wants it in her mouth!

So, we have an answer, sort of, in that we're not looking at imminent surgery. However, exactly what is going on is still in question. She may just have a lumpy skull and it not mean a thing. What I don't get is why she's behind, since none of our other family members have missed milestones like this. Of course, she may just be on her own timetable and will catch up eventually. *shrug* She interacts and is growing, which is what I consider most important. She just may walk before she learns to roll over!

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