Friday, January 13, 2012

1 week

And it's not even a full week, just four days. The funny part is... Ladybug has started going to bed between 7-10pm. Meaning she wakes up between 3-6am. What happened to my child who was wide awake at midnight?

Latest thoughts running through my head: moving. For some reason I had not considered being able to find a place for cheaper than we currently pay. We have a really nice house in my opinion, but would I be willing to put up with some carpet for $150 more/month in my bank account? Probably. Is it worth the effort of moving? If I were working, nope. But since I'll be doing a deep cleaning/organizing/getting rid of anyway, why not? We might stay put and make ends meet. Or we might find something we like.

It's sort of a bittersweet thought. We've been here for 2.5 years. Three Christmas/New Years. The house to which we brought Ladybug home. I love the tree out front. And having no neighbors can be an advantage when it comes to the odd hours and noises we sometimes make.

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