Wednesday, November 9, 2011

On colic, UTI's, and pacifiers

"I'm going to breastfeed my child for 12 months." "My child will not get hooked on pacifiers." "I'm going to use cloth diapers." "My child will not get colic."

I at least had the sense to phrase that last statement "I hope my child doesn't have colic." Other than that, I'm batting 0.25. The only thing that's come true is cloth diapering. Once we grew out of/ran out of the newborn size disposables, we went to BumGenius and love them. Even the Mechanic finds them easy to use.

As for breastfeeding... I made it to six weeks. My new, more experienced opinion is this: don't push it. If it's frustrating you to the point of getting angry with your child because they don't "get it," stop. Try pumping. And if pumping exhausts you and makes you short-tempered, in addition to the guilt because you have to watch your child scream because you can't hold her and pump at the same time, quit. It's not worth it. Better to have patience with your child, to spend time holding her and talking to her and reading and playing with her, than to get frustrated because the breast milk you worked so hard to obtain is running out her mouth and down her neck. So, I'm a bad mommy; I had my child by C-section, put my child in day care, and feed her formula. Bite me.

On pacifiers, okay, so we're not hooked on them. They're hooked on us. I didn't even register for one of those pacifier clip holder doohickeys. They reminded me of some sort of dog leash... in a weird way. But after going through all 4 pacifiers in 30 minutes because she looses latch and they fall into the dog hair covered floor, pacifier holder went on the grocery list right next to bread and milk. I also purchased two more Soothie pacifers, since I can't come up with a way to use the holder with them. Can't wait till she's big enough for a Wubbanub.

And for the colic... holy cow. My ears were ringing last night. I sat her on my knees and told her "you can stop anytime now. This isn't fun anymore." It didn't stop. I have come to grips with the fact she is going to scream, and there might not be anything wrong. So I have my system. I change her diaper, put her in a Swaddle blanket, feed her, and then wrap her arms in another blanket, which I carefully position to hold the pacifier in her mouth. And then we walk, in the rain, in the leaves. When that gets old, we bounce on the exercise ball. We do a bouncy shake your hips dance move. It's too bad we don't have a hall to walk. And when mommy just can't take it anymore, Ladybug lays in her bouncy seat set to vibrate and screams, and mommy plays a couple songs on the keyboard, or eats some yogurt. And then we proceed to walk/bounce/dance again. And when mommy's too tired to move, we lay on the couch with Ladybug on mommy's chest, still screaming. Eventually, she stops. At least we haven't gotten to the point of mommy crying as hard as baby.

And oh yeah, I managed to go 9 months of pregnancy without a single UTI, and six weeks postpartum I get the worst UTI I've ever had. The doctor wearing a short leopard print skirt with hooker boots was a bit shocking, but she was nice enough. Yay for Macrobid.


  1. Hannah had the colic for 4 months ... 24/7. About the only things that would calm her down were I would wrap her tightly up and throw part of the blanket over her head and walk in a dark room. I would also put her tummy next to mine. I tried everything and anything someone suggested to me. I was desperate. It eventually gets easier. I am so sorry you are having a tough time. I had to bottle feed my babies because of meds I had to take and Hannah became so addicted to her pacifier. It doesn't make you a bad mommy. You have to do what works best for you and her.

  2. you need a couple of these for your soothies!!

    and i agree with are not a bad mommy!! :) hang in there!

    oh, and as for not wanting to get addicted to paci's? they reduce the risk of SIDS. i'm all about the paci. :}