Sunday, November 13, 2011


Ladybug made her debut in church today. It doesn't seem to have done her any immediate good, since she is continuing her nightly scream-fest in the swing next to me. It did, however, give both myself and the Mechanic a picture of what we have to look forward to in years to come. Of the four families with young children occupying the back several pews, we were the only one that managed to stay put for the entire service. She fell asleep, and I earned $2 since the Mechanic thought sure we'd have to leave the sanctuary at some point. I was at an unfair advantage, though, in that I am more familiar with Ladybug's schedule and communication attempts.

Based on my observations, when your child is ~2-4 years old, the parent goes to church for one reason: to train the child to sit in church. When you get up 5+ times during a service, you can't follow the sermon enough to get anything. When you have to keep one eye open to make sure your child isn't crawling under the pew during prayers, you probably aren't praying much more than "Lord, give me patience." It appears to be more effective for one parent to take sole responsibility of the child and free the other one to actually attempt to pay attention to the service. We'll see how this goes when we get to that point. I'm not looking forward to it... I kind of like the "sleep through the service" stage.

And once again, we were horrible parents and didn't get a picture of our first trip to church... oops. I didn't even dress her up; she got put in a fleece sleeper. Apparently, the child does not own any long sleeved dresses, and doesn't own any newborn size dresses at all. Come to think of it, I did say I was going to be practical in dressing her and would probably have her baptized in a sleeper. Is this horrible?

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