Thursday, November 3, 2011

5 years...

I couldn't help but reminisce a little while pacing the sidewalk in front of the house. In the rain. Under a red umbrella. With an infant who screamed every time I stopped moving. After all, you can only talk about the gas station lights and the purpose of the post office so long to a one month old. So she got to hear the story of her mommy's first date, exactly five years ago to the hour.

See, we'd originally planned for lunch after church on Sunday. Given our second date, we might have ended up with other people for all I know. Not sure what his plans were. But, my parents informed me they were coming for a visit on Sunday. So, we ended up with a classic Friday night dinner and movie date. We lucked out and saw a really good movie, The Prestige, and had some tasty Chinese. The best part was him asking me for a second date when he dropped me off at my dorm that night. =)

I must admit, I had a hunch I would be marrying him. I did not, however, think about what five years later might hold... Part of what has come about from that first date is currently screaming her head off while being bounced on my knee... which is why this post is getting cut short!

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