Monday, October 17, 2011

Thoughts after 19 days

I've been pain med free for over ten days, had a good nap this afternoon, and just returned from a long walk. Therefore, my brain actually feels up to writing something halfway coherent!

I haven't decided how much detail I'll be putting on this blog, nor what my theme will be. For now, the little baby currently asleep in the carrier on my chest will be known as Ladybug, and the other half of the reason she exists will be called the Guardian. The littlest dog will be Defective Dog, and the bigger one will be Tub'oLard.

For today, I think a random list of thoughts/lessons from the last three weeks will suffice.

  • C-sections are awesome. Spinals with additional morphine are even more awesome, and worth the insane itching that follows.
  • Ladybug's first cry was one of the most incredible moments of my life, surpassed possibly only by the Guardian's proposal, and maybe our first kiss and our wedding kiss (two separate kisses)
  • Little girl diaper changes can be about as exciting as boy's; amazing how far poop can be squirted!
  • Showers are wonderful sanity savers.
  • Babies are black holes of time. You blink and it's 2pm, you've not had a shower or eaten breakfast, but you're on your 10th diaper and 4th bottle.
  • Pumping is not as simple as slapping the things on your boobs and turning it on.
  • Despite the recent article dispersed to my church, I firmly believe I love my child just as much as the mother who went through a vaginal birth. I did not need the natural hormonal rush, nor did I need the hormones in the IV, to make me love my child. That article will probably be given its own post later.
  • Some babies like baths. Mine does, and she also likes back rubs and having her hair brushed.
  • My daughter is her daddy's girl. She is a natural evening shifter...
  • The swelling does eventually go away. The tears slow as well. The fat and stretch marks... well... those are sticking around a bit longer.

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