Friday, October 28, 2011

Pregnancy Essentials

A list of the "couldn't have lived without" items
  • Pregnancy wedge: Awesome for holding that belly up and the only way I could sleep
  • Palmer's itch spray: Only used it for the last couple of months, but it kept me from clawing
  • Palmer's stretch mark cream: I'm not sure it works, but it feels good to at least try
  • Tums: I kept a bottle on the night stand, one on my desk at work, and another in the car for 7 months. And my baby's got the hair to show for it!
  • Maternity support belt: Instant relief of back pain in the second trimester
  • Pedal Extenders: couldn't have driven past ~6 months without them.
  • Dude's Guide: Gave much more realistic information than What to Expect
  • Kroger Prenatal Vitamins: easy on the stomach, small and coated enough to swallow, and reasonably priced.
  • Senna-S, Colace, and Benefiber: 'nuff said
  • Smoothies: solution to the weight loss from morning sickness
  • Slip-on tennis shoes: The only option for work after my feet started swelling and I couldn't reach my feet to tie laces.
  • Teva sandles: The only option when I couldn't cram my swollen feet into the slip-ons.
  • Humor, patience, and an empty bathroom

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  1. Myth: Cocoa butter is the best way to prevent stretch marks.

    Fact: Abstinence is the best way to prevent stretch marks.