Monday, October 31, 2011

Month 1 Essentials

For now, instead of making a list of what Ladybug can do, which would be rather short, I'm going to make lists of what has been most useful to us in the last month. I think that'll give me a good enough memory of what she was like and be a little different perspective.

Pampers Swaddlers: only a few blowouts

Ameda Purely Yours Breastpump: I hate this thing. I hate it with a passion. But it still makes the list.

Playtex Nursers with Drop-in Liners: Only need eight; they're so easy to clean it's not a chore to wash them every day.

BabyPro Smart Bottle Warmer: This thing is awesome.

Boppy: Great for feeding, relieving tired arms when sleeping on the couch, and for supervised naps!

Snug aBunny Cradle Swing: One of the few places I can put her after she eats. Ours has some strange additions to the mobile but she likes watching their shiny ends.

Medela Nipple shield: Weird, and I hate using it like I hate the pump. But it got me through several days when I was in a huge "hate the pump" rage.

Similac Formula: Got our weight turned around and headed the right way. Thank you free samples!

Burp Cloths: These things are like my mother's dust cloths, eternally disappearing. I've learned to keep them stashed throughout the house, because it is guaranteed: if you don't have one, she WILL spit up

Moby Wrap: Not a daily used item, but very handy for getting some housework done when she insists on being held.

ShrinxHips: These things are awesome! The Mechanic (cause he's not sure about the Guardian name) thinks they've got me smaller than I was to begin with... we'll see when I get my belly flat enough to wear jeans again.

Percocet/Ibuprofen/Simethicone: Only for the first week, though.

Wee Gallery Art Cards: I wasn't going to get flash cards, but these came free in the mail and so I stuck a few next to the changing table at her eye level. She stopped crying and stared at them. Impressive!

Bright Starts Play Mat: Kelly's place to hang out on her tummy while Mommy does dishes!

Fisher Price Bouncy Seat: Vibrating setting is great for when we're fed up with our tummy and Mommy still isn't done with the dishes.

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