Thursday, October 27, 2011

1 Month

My baby girl is one month old. I simply can't believe how time has flown, while it still feels like she's been a part of our lives forever. Motherhood is incredible, and exhausting, and frustrating, and one of the most wonderful things ever.

Being a nurse, it's tempting to go by the milestone charts and worry about what we've not achieved yet. I then console myself by saying she's actually only three weeks past her full gestational age, so she's not supposed to have achieved all that yet. What I need to remember, though, is eventually she'll get it all. She'll track, and recognize our voices, and smile, and roll over, and walk, and learn to read, and get a job... and I'll wish I could have this time back. I'll wish for the day when I felt like all I did for five straight hours was heat bottles and feed. I'll wish I could work on the computer while balancing a sleeping infant on my lap. There's nothing like picking up said screaming infant and the screams instantly stopping.

To come: pregnancy and first four weeks essentials, and a critique of a recent article in Faith for all of Life. (yes, I'm posting my blogging to-do list)

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